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2009 passat r36 p2711 code please help


New member
Please help my r36 is showing check engine light and gets stuck in first gear only when the car has warmed up this issue isnt present when first starting the car or when it runs only seems to happen when the temperature gets to its usual running temp
ran obd and listed the following codes
P0113 -intake air temperature sensor
P0100-nmass or volume air flow sensor A circuit
P0776-Pressure controll solenoid B Performance /stuck off
P2711-Unexpected mechanical gear disengagement
the car was running fine up until the air con cut out so i took to local mechanic and he ran a few tests and im sure i seen him put one or 2 fuses in the wrong spot i just assumed my memory wasnt the best and i was wrong on the fuse locations and he would know best
then once i got home everything was fine then next time i took the car for a drive the engine light and the p2711 code had popped up
what should be the first test/sensor or part to change to fix this problem as my minimal mechanic skills would suggest its not the dsg as a whole that needs replacing due to the problem only arising when the car is warm ?
not sure if that is accurate please help as im having the hardest time lately and i am limited on funds atm as i have a 2 year old i raise alone after my wife leaving us without notice and taking most of the family savings without getting to emotionally invested in writing this i need help asap i have no way to get to work or drop my son to his daycare

thanks guys
Hi there, sorry for your predicament.

It could be as simple as an old battery that needs replacing, or something bigger like a dsg controller failure.

You really need to take it to a good independent to see what they suggest, as they will have the most experience with problems like these. Checking vcds site for the P271 error "http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/19143/P2711/010001"... it could just be a sensor, or the DSG TCM module has an error.

Here is another thread on something similar.. "https://www.golfmk6.com/forums/index.php?threads/bye-bye-transmission.379694/"
Thanks I really apreciate the reply mate I thought it wouldn’t be the day or clutch as this only happens when the engine warms up to running temperature
So yesterday I saw a pic online of a fuse box and realised I had a few fuses in the wrong places so I corrected the issue and the fault and the light on dash was gone then it came back later that night mid drive