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Eos MY10 2.0TDI DSG - Opal Silver


New member
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on the forum and the first time that I have owned a VW. I have to say how impressed I am with the car and the ease of driving is a real pleasure.

The delivery time was very long but VW sorted me out with a car for the additional six weeks that I had to wait, which was fantastic.

I have had the Eos nearly a month and have done 2500 km's.

I have been interested in what mods are available for the car and found that the ECU can be upgraded/tuned.

Has anyone had this done and is it worth the money?. I have read that it can improve fuel economy and will make the diesel more responsive. It seams that I will need to get it done at Volkspower in Melbourne and looks like they offer more than one option. i.e. Oettinger, APR Tuned, Harding Performance, DMS Automotive.

Can anyone recommend which one to go with?.

Thanks and happy driving!
Harding Performance is the importer who brings in APR, Oettinger and DMS. Their products are sold through Volkspower in melbourne.

Give HP a call and they'll explain to you which is the best suitable one for your car.

How's the Eos? Does the MY'10 have the white lighting dash?

Thanks for the information and I will give HP a call. My Eos does not have the white lightning dash. It has the same dash as Golf Mark 6 with an upgraded stereo RCD510 with touch screen.

Have you had yours modified by APR?.
I don't have an Eos yet - my partner hopefully will be driving one soon.

We've had a few cars modified by APR :)

Did you have your cars modified before or after the warranty expired. I am nervous about the manufacturers warranty becoming void. I have contacted HP and they have told me Oettinger is the product for my car. Approx cost $2500.

Just not sure if it is really worth the money considering the issues with warranty?.
my caddy has had Oettinger since week 1, never had issues with warranty. The software goes in and is not detectable
Are they offering warranty with the software upgrade?
well... Caddy had 77kw standard, so taking it up to 100kw was quite a nice improvement
It's a heavy car too
I got the Caddy after a mk4 GTI with a few mods, so it was nice to have a bit more power than 77kw!!
Did you noitce any difference in the fuel economy. They claim to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%!. That is of course if you don't plant it all the time:nodder::nodder:
I wouldn't say 20%
but my caddy is drinking 5.5L/100km, and it's on 18" wheels
factory figure is 6.2L/100km
I do drive a bit more highway than average though. For me, it wasn't about fuel economy... 0-100km/h in 13 seconds wasn't acceptable!
The fuel economy saving is the best way to convince the missus that it's a good idea!!:nodder::nodder:

Extra power and acceleration are just a bonus!!:clap::clap: that she doesn't need to worry about.
she may not worry about it now but she may learn to like it
even my mother has the Oettinger upgrade in her Passat 2.0T
she's picking up her Eos on wednesday and I am pretty sure she'll be heading to APR very soon... the cops love taking pics of her cars
she's getting the 2.0TSI White Night. The passat didn't have a DSG so this one should go pretty well in comparison
The White Night looks fantastic!, she will be very happy I am sure.

Here is photo's of my baby when I picked it up after having Gtechniq applied to the paint, glass, wheels, leather and plastic trim.

This stuff is amazing!!!! but not cheep.


SO easy to clean and the treatment of the glass and what it does when it rains, WOW!!!. No need for wipers anymore.


I had this applied in Melbourne by Burg Design. It took them from 8.30am till 4.30pm to do the whole car, but is worth every cent if you ask me.


Hope you like the photo's.


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that looks great. we picked up the car last night and yes it does look fantastic. It doesn't have any car care products applied to it, so thanks for those sites I'll check them out
it's gone nuts - my wife-to-be (2 weeks) just bought a silver one, '07 manual. I'm going to cop it from all the guys on this forum now...
I got some pics but work bans photobucket, so I can't see what I'm posting up! I'll be sure to do that soon