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Filter codes and oil types


New member
Hi, I'm planning a service on my 2014 Passat Alltrack and I was wondering if anyone had a list of filter codes and oil types which are suitable for the car???
Someone had done up a complete list for the Tiguan (our last Veedub) and it was very helpful.

I have tried a few different search terms but nothing has turned up so far.


I've looked up a few service items and here's what I got so far (most checked against more than one site so hopefully correct). This is all for the B7 Passat Alltrack TDI 130kw.
Oil filter: WCO142 or R2701P
Air filter: 33-2865 (K&N) or WA5038 or A1711
Fuel filter: RCA149C or R2725P

I've heard a couple of people complain about Ryco - I like to get quality parts, but the VW dealer is a bit difficult for me to get to, so good quality aftermarket is my preference. Next time I'll try the Mann filters which someone on the watercooled forum recommended.

For engine oil I've been using either Pernrite Enviro + or Nulon European oils in the Passat so far.
Haldex oil (VW's transfer case for Passat Alltrack and for Tiguan) can't be bought aftermarket so VW genuine is around $100 for a litre...fortunately last time I replaced it in the Tiguan it only took approx 900ml to full.

Brake Pads
Our Tiguan used to get heaps of brake dust on the front wheels and also they were noisy under braking (we're on an acreage with a long dirt driveway so always dust around). I replaced the front pads with TRW brake pads which fixed the noise problem and virtually eliminated brake dust. TRW have a listing both front and rear pads for the B7 Passat Alltrack (Bendix which is my normal brand don't list any).

Hope this is helpful