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How do I Reverse the action of my Tiptronic DSG


New member
I have an '08 Eos with the DSG. I would like to reverse the tiptronic action, and have tried to remove the gearlever using the Erwin manual. Unfortunately either I am not strong (or brutal) enough, but I couldn't get it to budge.

I believe that once I can get into the centre console I can work out which wires work the tiptronic action and simply transpose them.

Has anyone tried this, or is there an easier way to do this?

All comments gratefully received

Why? Because I find the action counter-intuitive.
Everytime I use it, I have to pause to think which way the shift lever should be moved. Doesn't help when moving along.

Maybe I need a brain reversal

As for the other question about switching wires. I previously did this in a Mitsu FTO, and it was as simple as swapping the wires on the two micro-switches that were activated by the shift lever. I appreciate this is a VW, but surely it can't be much different . At least with the FTO, getting the gear lever off wasn't a black art, and the workshop manual was really accurate.

So can anyone actually tell me how to get that damn gear lever off? Would really appreciate it ...
Hey, thanks for that. I would love paddles, but it appears that the S2T ones replace OEM paddles which my '08 Eos does not have.

Nevertheless, I have emailed them to see if they can help

Thanks again
Latest News.

I've given up on reversing the tiptronic action. I finally figured out how to strip out the centre console & gearlever, but it looks like I would have to remove bits from under the car including the exhaust to gain access to the circuit board that controls the DSG action. Without any guarantee of success.

I've now turned my attention to fitting Steering Wheel paddles. This would be even better than using the gear lever.

The VW TDI Forum has an excellent post on retro fitting Steering Wheels for the various VW models, and also deals with fitting paddles to non-paddle cars.

The trouble I'm now encountering is confirming the correct part number for the Eos Sport wheel with paddles. The cost would be about $1000 landed in OZ so you can see my caution.

It would seem that the Eos Steering Wheel Control Module (SWCM)n can be programmed via VCDS to accept paddles (well I hope so).

What I really want to do is replace my current wheel which has the Multi-function buttons with an identical wheel with paddles.

Has anyone done this?

Appreciate any comments