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Love my Eos - But I think I have a lemon


New member
I have a 2008 EOS and for the first 2.5 years it was great. Since then things have been going wrong at a rapid rate - the roof leaks (fixed 4 times but still leaking), the air conditioner lost its cool, then the fan stopped working (new one being installed under warranty), the indicators stop returning, the front bumper came loose, the ipod connector failed (whole new stereo installed), the boot sensor failed and many other small things. It is has just come out of warranty - and I am worried I have bought a lemon that will continue to stop working. Has any one else had the same amount of issues?
welcome - that's no good to hear you're having so many issues.
My wife has a 2006 Eos and it has been good. No leaks, we did have the aircon replaced (it's a common VW problem) and it got T-boned last Thursday so it's a bit ugly right now.

when our aircon stopped we were 2 months out of warranty but VW fixed it under goodwill, being such a common problem.

Have you had VW look at any of these problems before the warranty expired?
Hi cairnsgirl.

Was the car new?

If so, I would start to document all the problems you have had with the car (including dates) and then present this to your VW dealer (principle) and express your concern.... It's always good to see what they say...

Yes, I believe there is a 'lemon' law, but not really sure about the details. I think something like 3 major things wrong with a car and they are obliged to swap it out, or refund (but don't quote me on this)... Might be worth searching for Lemon Law and see what comes up.
Lams & Jnrdavo,

Thanks for the reply. You aren't going to believe it, but mine stopped two months after it came out of warranty! They tried the "its out of warranty" but I think I jumped up and down enough they are fixing it under goodwill. So much water has come in the carpets have to be replaced - luckily they are going to do this as well.

The service people asked if Ihad taken out the 5 year extended warranty - first I had heard of it. I would have if I had been offered it. I never expected to buy a brand new car for $63K and have these sorts of issues as it comes out of warranty. Never had these problems with my $13K drive away Kia Rio. No where near as nice, but no problems!

I did document it and sent it into Volkswagen Customer Service. They asked what it would take to make me happy, my reply was simply - not only fix the problems I currently have, give me a full Volkswagen extended warranty until the car is five years old. After all, if they are so confident they have a good product this should be easy to do. The short answer - not possible! I don't drive it often, but each time I do it seems there is another problem. Will definately follow up on the lemon law.


Cairns Girl
No problem. Good luck...

Also, maybe go back to them if you still have problems and bring up their previous option. Put it back on them and see what they are willing to do...You have to be careful of water damage, some of the control units for the car may be under the seats etc, so if they get wet, they can cause all kinds of issues.

I would get VW to check if the control units are there, then if so, get them replaced 'just to be sure'.... At the end of the day, if most of the problems can be pointed back to a common problem (ie, water leaking in to the car), then they should be fixing what ever is needed as a result of the problem.


I had a loan of a Jetta (for about an hour) on a very hot day and the aircon would not work in it... then they came up with another vehicle for me... a V6 Tourag...had it for the day and just about drained the fuel tank... :icon_cool: my Caddy was in for 1500k service and having windows fitted...

Thanks for the two links. I met a new person the other day who was a VW technician in England. The first thing he said to me when he saw my car was - does your roof leak yet? He asked if I had been using the Krytox, which I had never heard of. I called the head guy at my dealership and asked him - he had never heard of this before. I sent him the two links and am waiting for his reply. I also hit him with why they had given me such a hard time over the air conditioner, when it is a common problem that regularly occurs.

The other day I had my car out all day in the sun, when I got in that night the entire inside was full of condensation. All this from the wet carpets that don't see to dry out! I am dreading what it is going to do to the electronics long term.

Initially I was going to just sell it and loose 50% of the value of the car, but why should I? I have searched the net but can't find any real answers on if there is a Lemon Law here in Queensland. Does any one have any clues for me to follow?

Cairns Girl
Hi Cairns Girl,

The Eos seal service is part of the maintenance schedule, if you look at your owners manual it even tells you which seals need the lube service. If your car has been serviced by VW all its life, but they've never done this, then someone should get a kick up the bum and be held responsible.

The krytox isn't particularly expensive and you can do it yourself, but they should be aware it is something that needs to be done.

Good luck with it all. Our '06 Eos does have some tired looking seals but over the super-wet season we've just had, it's still water tight. And it parks outside!