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TPMS Android issue's 09 Passat

Alien Invader

New member
Hi im a new nob i have a 09passat 2.0 td I cannot stop my android from telling me i have a flat, I'm set on winter tyres so the dash light is out, I've popped the tire and no gauges inside wheels . android gives me tire pressure and setting pressure on 3 wheels but not front right its blank. cannot find any way to reset the android to stop it from giving me this problem. its doing my head in can anyone help Alien , cheers Mr Invader
Hi This is what keeps coming up. i can scroll through each tyre using the tpms button fixed to the centre consol ( new battery in it ), the touch screen does not work in this mode, it works fine for all other functions. android model px3 (1024x600 O) android version 7.1.2 thank you for taking interest, this is the only fault i have left to sort out to get a roadworthy i had to replace dsg fly wheel among other issues i do all my own work


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what happens of you swap around wheels, does the error move with the wheel?

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Ok, just so I'm clear. When you swap say the two front wheels, the graphic picture you send of no reading on top right is still not showing any value?

From what I can find out:

"Passat has direct TPMS using sensors in the tyre stems, with the receiver integrated in the CCM behind the glovebox.
Your tyre pressure sensors have batteries in them. They are at the end of the useful life.
You'll need to replace the sensors, the batteries are embedded in them."
hi, more investigating, would there two cables coming from behind the glove box have anything to do with this system? seems im missing something ?


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